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Permaculture Garden Visit

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We went recently for a visit to a local eco village and saw some permaculture gardens and came back inspired to switch ours around (again) They had quite a few compost heaps, and lots of interesting ideas, like climbing frames for plants and  companion planting 


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Home Made Hair Gel - amazingly simple and effective

I had run out of hair gel and couldn't find any in the local store that would be OK and I didn't like the hefty price.  What to do without wasting a whole day driving up to the nearest shopping center with a decent selection.  After trawling the net in search of something I could use that I had in the cupboard I came across quite a few ideas - some of them complicated and some using obscure things that I didn't have to hand when I spotted this simple and easy to do hair gel that was fast to do and came out great. all you need is agar agar  ( a sea vegetable, available at Asian stores, ethnic stores,  or buy online - you can get powder or flakes or strips and they all work well - add water and  yep, that's it !  I added some rose geranium essential oil then a few drops of orange blossom so I would impress the chickens as well and today I have a really cool hairdo with lots of body, all for the cost of about two minutes effort and an impatient wait for it to cool .  

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